[Harp-L] Slims Custom cases

Below is a copy of a post already made elsewhere regarding this trader. It
has particularly provoked interesting response on the modern blues
harmonica website, under the thread "A Word Of Warning" & "The Final Word"
The site administrator has blocked any further comments and will "kill" the
thread very soon, so take a look before it goes If you do miss it I have
both hard and electronic copies which are to be used in an on going court
case. I stand by every word in the post and refute every response from
Slim. Here is the post I await responses.

Well what to say about Slims Custom Cases? Owned and run by Christian Adam
Jackson.  In quite simple terms âDO NOT USE THIS TRADERâ His glossy slick
website carries many claims including promises that cases will be delivered
in two weeks, he is able to meet customer requirements with regard to
specifications and any number of glowing reviews posted by âSlimâ himself
as there is no way for the customer to post his own review.   Obviously to
stop bad reviews being heard!

So what is my personal experience with this Trader? In October 2013 I
ordered a case and paid for it in full via the PayPal system..  The case
was to include slots for various harps and accessories with all dimensions
being given at this time. After several e.mails over the next two months,
the case finally arrived just before Christmas 2013, some 8 weeks later.
The item received was of such poor quality that I immediately contacted the
trader. The case was nothing more than a âbutcheredâ alloy toolbox and the
colour scheme of the foam insert was not as ordered.  The slots for
diatonic harps were too small for the harps and a specific slot for an
accessory was a good inch too short. The cut outs and slots looked like
they had been chewed out by a rabid baboon on acid.

Slims response was to hide behind his terms and conditions which have no
legal standing in either the UK or in France.  In fact, the trading
standards laws in France are stricter than the UK as in the event of a
product not being fit for purpose or not conforming to the original order,
it is in fact the customer who has the right to choose between a refund,
repair or replacement.   Any return costs being met by the trader.  Even
after the intervention of the European Trading Standards Commission Slim
refused to refund any monies and Paypal were of no use to me to obtain a
reimbursement  due to their 45 day cut off ruling.   This left me with no
alternative but to take the case to the European Small Claims Court.  The
court ruled in my favour ordering Slim to refund the cost of the case plus
my court costs and issuing *a County Court Judgement* (CCJ see below)
against him until it is paid.  However, to date, even after being visited
by the court bailiffs he still refuses to pay a penny claiming now that he
is living with his mummy & daddy and has no assets of his own.  I somehow
think that this is not the case.

So in conclusion if you want a harmonica case that does not meet your needs
and is not fit for purpose, that costs over the odds for a recycled toolbox
then it is my opinion that SLIMâS YOUR MAN!  Alternatively if you want a
professional job and have something you can actually use,  GO ELSEWHERE!

Verification of the CCJ can be seen at http://www.trustonline.uk â search
for Christian Adam Jackson in the county of Lincolnshire.  Please be aware
there is a charge for this facility.

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