[Harp-L] richard hunter huntersounds patch set

Hey Billy, funny you should mention Richardâs patches. While you were on the main stage, I was over at the same festâs blues tent, doing the harmonica workshop.
I play primarily acoustic, but use Richardâs Tweed Hard patch ( tweaked by Dennis Gruenling I believe ) to play thru a RP 200A direct to the PA for one song, the âdirtyâ one.
Besides getting a great sound, what I love is the ease of tweaking the sound. Sometimes the sound guy can get your signal a little too hot. Itâs is easy as turning a knob ( middle knob for me, gain ). What are some of your favorite patches?
Like a previous poster said, I carried my entire âampedâ sound and harps in a briefcase.
Richard, your patches â Play in Peoria! â.......

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