[Harp-L] New Clint Hoover Record!!

I learned this morning that Clint Hoover has released a new CD, East Side-Astoria.  I bought it off CDBaby a few minutes ago.  I recommend that everyone in the world do the same.

Clint's "Dream of the Serpent Dog" was one of the most brilliant jazz harmonica CDs ever released.  His diatonic work with the Sugar Kings on "Take Your Time, Mrs. Brown" showed that he can play old-timey any old time.  He did a piano and harmonica duet CD, but I think Clint's real brilliance is in his ensemble work, and that is why EVERYONE IN THE WORLD MUST BUY THIS RECORD, which is his first ensemble recording in years.

Go to CDbaby.com and search for "Clint Hoover Astoria."  You'll find it.  There'll be a full review on my website at hunterharp.com soon.

Thank me later.

Regards, RH

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