[Harp-L] Re: RP new patches: test drive

Robert Hale wrote:
<JAM Out 
<Tuesday night for a test drive of some new sounds from Richard Hunter's RP patch set. Very successful! Lots of positive comments.  THREE FAVORITES <so far:
<57 Tweed Champ amp w Bassman Cab
<Digitech Blackbass w autowah
<Bassman amp w Rotary speaker
<Wanted to play the Pitch Down a 4th interval Richard recommends for Minor harp, but such a tune didn't come up during my turn on stage.
<I really liked using the A amp for backing, and the B amp boost for solos. Still more experimentation to do.
<Read about them here: <http://www.hunterharp.com/ Recommended.
<My signal path: Fireball V mic to RP, to 50W monitor wedge, to House PA.
<The RP processor is like a paint pallette - Everyone will paint a unique picture mixing from the same colors. In comparison, I had been more <conservative (fearing to over-do it) with effects. Richard's sounds are more expressive (and sometimes aggressive) and I like them.

Thanks Robert.  I do like colorful sounds--I like the shocked looks on people's faces when they figure out that the new noise coming from the stage is the harp.  I set the patches up so the FX come on strong at full throttle, then I put them under footpedal control so you can set the throttle where you want it.

The three patches you named are three of my personal favorites, too.  I use them all the time.  How can you go wrong with any of a 57 Champ, an autowah, and a rotary speaker?  

Regards, Richard Hunter  

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