[Harp-L] sticky slide

Thanks for insight on bane of Chromaticism - slide dysfunction.
These things I believe.
Keep mouth moist with water when playing. 
Keep head up, avoid sugar drinks.
Clean mouthpiece assembly before gigs.
If sticky can dip harp in 1/2â water, flat tray, mouthpiece down, basically a water rinse of mouthpiece - NOT reeds, valves. This often clears.
If feels very stuck ie welded, best take it a part to soak, clean in warm soapy water and rough sponge rub. Do not bend slide, plate, cover or will never be smooth or airtight until replaced.
If till problematic, get an instrument that is more reliable - In my experience Hohner CX-12 or Seydel Saxony.
Good luck players
Neil Adler neiladlerpiano.com

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