RE: [Harp-L] Leonard Chess - Ticking off LW and it worked

Derwood,My head is still connected but d d d doesn't always w www ork right. You are a funny man. I have had fist fights in the past but I'm not like that any more. :PBW

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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Leonard Chess - Ticking off LW and it worked
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> After reading this I was left with the question: Which of the tactics
> described are figurative and which are literal? For example "rip my head
> off" is likely figurative since there are few surgeons
> that could repair that type of injury so that the rip-ee could continue to
> submit to harp-L much less cause human excrement to be released from the
> riper.
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> Derwood
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> Subject: [Harp-L] Leonard Chess - Ticking off LW and it worked
> In the days of Chess Records' dealing with Muddy, Howlin Wolf, Etta, Little
> Walter et al, those guys would cut heads regularly. The Mississippi All Star
> Trio aka The Head Hunters. They used to piss a lot of people off and people
> got
> hurt, maimed or killed over blues music to establish hierarchy. Leonard
> Chess
> used tactics that humiliated and pissed off some of the artists
> intentionally to
> bring out their emotion and make a better recording.
> I have played in some blues bands where those tactics are still used today.
> And
> many times it works. I can give examples too. I have been on the receiving
> end
> of guitar players that would rip my head off at the end of a gig.
> Fortunately
> for me, I know this tactic well and know what it's all about and EXACTLY
> how to
> deal with it. I have beat the s*^#t out of more than one guitar player. One
> just
> because his intonation sucked. BUT GUESS WHAT? He promptly learned how to
> adjust
> his intonation. OOOH I have had my but whipped and my head cut too. Been
> shot at
> 2 times and know a well known drummer that keeps a .38 special under his
> seat.
> My question: Is anyone on this list been through anything similar in live
> performance, road gig or studio. I would love to hear about it.
> Buck Worley

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