Re: [Harp-L] Leonard Chess - Ticking off LW and it worked

After reading this I was left with the question: Which of the tactics
described are figurative and which are literal? For example "rip my head
off" is likely figurative since there are few surgeons
that could repair that type of injury so that the rip-ee could continue to
submit to harp-L much less cause human excrement to be released from the

verbis defectis musica incipit

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Subject: [Harp-L] Leonard Chess - Ticking off LW and it worked

In the days of Chess Records' dealing with Muddy, Howlin Wolf, Etta, Little
Walter et al, those guys would cut heads regularly. The Mississippi All Star
Trio aka The Head Hunters. They used to piss a lot of people off and people
hurt, maimed or killed over blues music to establish hierarchy. Leonard
used tactics that humiliated and pissed off some of the artists
intentionally to
bring out their emotion and make a better recording.
I have played in some blues bands where those tactics are still used today.
many times it works. I can give examples too. I have been on the receiving
of guitar players that would rip my head off at the end of a gig.
for me, I know this tactic well and know what it's all about and EXACTLY
how to
deal with it. I have beat the s*^#t out of more than one guitar player. One
because his intonation sucked. BUT GUESS WHAT? He promptly learned how to
his intonation. OOOH I have had my but whipped and my head cut too. Been
shot at
2 times and know a well known drummer that keeps a .38 special under his
My question: Is anyone on this list been through anything similar in live
performance, road gig or studio. I would love to hear about it.
Buck Worley

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