[Harp-L] Mics and RPs

I happened to drop by the Dirty South forum last night, where I saw that the myth that "the only mic that works well with a Digitech RP is an Audix Fireball" is alive and well.

The Fireball is the mic I carry when I'm only taking one, but any mic can be used with an RP, just as any mic can be used with a "real" amp.  (We all know that traditional amps are not any more "real" than any other type of manufactured device, right?) Different mics produce different sounds when fed through an amp, modeled or otherwise.  If you want a Chicago-style sound from your amp, modeled or otherwise, use a Chicago-style mic.  I use the Audix most (not all) of the time because I like it. If you like something else better, by all means use it. Use the mic that gives you the sound you like.  It's pretty much that simple.  

To hear what I'm talking about with your ears, check out this post at my website:
and this one:

Shall we let this myth die now?  

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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