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  It is by design, not a fault:  According to Hohner's site, the Golden Melody has equal tempered tuning (ie a conventional piano scale), which is good for playing single notes with other instruments.    The Special 20 is a more standard Richter/Diatonic tuning which is tweaked slightly so that chords sound better.

Pat Missin, among others, has written much about it, and there has been much debate on here about the various temperaments too.  On his site - the GM is "straight 12TET at around A=442/443", but doesn't mention the SP20 directly.  There are audio samples to compare on his site.

Rick Epping analyses the tuning deviations here

What I can't find is what the "A" is for a SP20 :-) Different harps and manufactures have slightly different choices, even for the same temperament.


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Got a question, I've been playing GM's for years because I like the playability but also the tuning fits live, studio etc.playing. I have been re-tuning when necessary and replacing reeds if have to and I tune each to the country tuning to have a set in C/T and regular tunings.
In the past have bought Special 20's in c/t but have noticed the  tuning has been a little sharp to the GM and when you do studio work and use both , one can tell the difference. 
It's been a while but has hohner corrected this tuning problem or is it the same. 
The reason I ask ,is that I need to purchase some odd key harps in C/T  and would like to not do the change. 

Jerl Welch

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