RE: [Harp-L] Overhauling Echo Harps (need help)

Thanks Steve,I'm working on the second one now. Yea, I didnt dare use water on the wood. And the chips are big chunks of wood, 2 of them. I got that glued back in place. Removed and cleaned the plates. All is looking good.Regards,Buck

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> Subject: RE: [Harp-L] Overhauling Echo Harps (need help)
> Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 23:31:33 +0100
> If I were you I would not immerse the comb in water. I did that once, way back in my misspent youth, and the comb would no longer, anywhere near, line up with the reedplates any more.  I find, if I'm careful, I can prise out those stupid nails a couple of times and they'll still go back tight enough. Rusty rivets don't really seem to affect the performance of the harp too much. The chipped teeth are normal with Echos (ignore), as is the worrisome wearing-off of the paint on the front of the comb. As you suck half the time, one assumes that half of that paint will be residing somewhere deep in your lungs.  Just rub the rust off the insides of the covers with something or other - it doesn't affect the harp much.  And, when your harp finally wears out, invest in Tombo Band harps. Solo-tuned, much louder and ten times more reliable - and no wood, no nails!  		 	   		  

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