Re: [Harp-L] Overhauling Echo Harps (need help)

The wood is not pearwood; it may be maple. I'd try to use as little moisture as possible. Once you pry the reedplates off, try first just brushing off any debris. Use moisture only as needed. Perhaps try wiping of stubborn residues with a slightly damp dishcloth. Immersion should be an absolute last resort.

Wood glue is your friend for whatever wood-to-wood gluing needs to be done. Glue on nails? If the nail holes are still tight, I'm not sure you need it - and you may want to get the harp apart later for tuning or other service needs.

Try rubbing rust off the covers with steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper. You can seal rusty spots with clear nail polish or perhaps wax.
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Bump !! I could use some help ! Super glue for wood? Glue on nails? I dont expect to ever have to do this again. As I said, they were in a flood. What about cleaning the wood comb? A very quick soap & water job ?

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> Subject: [Harp-L] Overhauling Echo Harps (need help)
> List,
> I have 2 old Echo Harps that were in a flood. They still work enough to try salvaging. I have taken 1 apart and it was no easy job. The comb is very delicate but in surprisingly decent shape. They taste like mud / dirt. 1) I have 2 chipped wood pieces - comb. I have the 2 chips. What glue should I use?
> 2) The covers have some pretty bad rust spots on the inside. How do I clean / de-rust ?
> 3) Any suggestions on the nails? Should I try to use a tiny bit of glue for reassembly and what kind? Should I try to clean all the nails?
> When I clean plates, I use Bar Keepers Friend, however there is some rusty places like on some reed rivets. Any suggestions on special cleaning?
> Any advise will be appreciated. I dont think I will try to seal the wood since I dont use these harps very much. At $120 a pop I feel like it will be worth the time. I will start cleaning and reassembly tomorrow.
> Thanks in advance,Buck Â Â Â  Â Â  

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