Re: [Harp-L] Randy Singer "Harmonica Dreams"

Now I fully realize that people have divergent tastes in music. Especially harmonica music. But I have a story to submit for your perusal.

I guess I first met Randolph Singer Hennes (aka Randy Singer) in the early 90s. I started going to spah in 91 and there was this fellow Ron
Kalina who would stroll into the hotel bars and play piano. I started sitting in on harmonica. I don't know if he was annoyed, but he never 
said anything. What he DID do was to change keys about 8 times on a tune. I would hang in there for maybe 5 keys and then loose it.

So a couple years later Randy starts to join in and he was able to cover every key that Ron threw at him. I immediately realized that this Randy 
Singer cat was the real deal. 

It was 1998 when I moved from Pgh to W. Fla. and one time while helping my nephew move a charter yacht from Newport to Tortola B.V.I. by 
way of his home in Ft. Lauderdale, I slipped into: 'J.B's on the beach' to catch Randy's act. He was appearing with a girl singer, played mostly
guitar and sang. The show was great. On the break Randy spotted me and invited me up to play. We did a Jobim medley. He gave me his CD
entitled 'Harmonica Dreams'. The wife and I played it on the way back across Florida. 

The wife (who is NOT a big harmonica fan) declared that it was the most pleasant harmonica that she had, as yet, heard. I concurred.

See..I have this klepto. IF I were to buy an album containing 12 tunes, I would have to like 4, be able to accept another 4, and the 
last 4 could be crapola. But THIS album has ALL TWELVE CUTS  done beautifully. It may be the only album I have where ALL TWELVE cuts
are great.

So, while I never try to sway anyone about anything, I think people need to at the very least, give this work a listen. As Randy may just be one
of harmonica world's best kept secrets. 

smokey-joe...happy thanksgiving

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