Re: [Harp-L] The Ashby Method for Overbending


Am 03.11.2014 02:28, schrieb Mike Best:

> Is there any change? NO. Overblowing on an upside down harp is EXACTLY the same as a regular harp. Any talk of changing the direction of airflow etc is just plain wrong

That is exactly what I wrote two days ago. And I have asked the question: how could the direction of airflow have an influence to produce an overblow. No answer so far from Mr. Ashby.

Michelle LeFree wrote:

>I feel someone should point out that the idea of the direction of airflow inside the reed chamber, supposing one can control it, having a first-order effect on the pitch of a bend is inconsistent >with the physics of two-reed bending at least as far as I am aware of it.

This goes into the same direction. Yes, someone should point out, I can`t. At least not in English.
But as I wrote in my last post: I know, that it makes no difference how you hold your harp. For bending and overbending it is always the same what I am doing. I don`t have to change the airflow from right to left or from half right to half left or from quarter right to left.....

Some others wrote that the Ashby-Method doesn`t work for them. same for me. But that is not a problem. I can play overblows with the "Traditional" way if I need to.

But then another question to Neil arises: is your method only a way to find out how an overblow sounds, or is it really a new technique to use for playing. I`m asking this because I Can`t imagine how one could play a melody with one GENTLY note that wouldn`t stick out.



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