Re: [Harp-L] Update on Slim's Custom Case order

I bought a case this year.  Took a bit longer than i expected and now I
have a great case.
Michael Rubin

On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 5:42 PM, Michael Zack <michaelzack9@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Another month has gone by so I am posting the November update to my
> ongoing wait for the construction and delivery of my custom harmonica case
> from Slimâs Custom Cases. For those of you who missed my other posts, here
> is the story:
> Case ordered and paid for on February 6th, 2014. Case delivery estimated
> at 8-10 weeks at the time of order. I have received numerous excuses and
> obvious contradictions on the progress and expected delivery since then. At
> 7 months I was sent a photo of a group of bare wood cases and supposedly my
> case was one of them. At 8 months Slim sent me an email that may have given
> me a clue as to a delivery date. He said that he had recently delivered a
> case to a customer who had waited 12 months and he (the customer) was very
> happy! Iâll bet he was as he probably thought his money was lost by then.
> My inference from that is that his delivery times are running
> approximately 1 year from order date, if you believe his story. This is
> quite different from the 60-day delivery quoted on his website. Good luck
> if you took up his offer in August for guaranteed Christmas delivery!
> Personally, if it were me, I would put the complaining customerâs order on
> the bench, finish it up and get it out so that the public criticism would
> stop, but that does not seem to be his way. So, if you have a year or so to
> wait, in spite of a 60-day delivery promise, then go ahead and order a case
> from Slim. Who knows, maybe you will get a case.
> I had requested a refund through PayPal a couple of months ago, but it was
> ignored by Slim. So, at the moment I have no case and my wallet is lighter
> by $300+. Also be aware that Paypal cannot pursue a claim against this
> vendor for two reasons: the case is a âcustomâ order, and you have to put
> in a claim within 45 days. He puts his delivery at 60 days so by the time
> you realize the case isnât coming Paypal canât do anything.
> One last point - I have seen others post to defend Slimâs Custom Cases. I
> notice that his defenders are mostly people who received cases previous to
> 2014. I have not seen any positive posts from someone who ordered and
> received a case this year. I am in contact with several other customers and
> their negative experience has also been from this year.
> Michael Zack

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