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Unfortunately, Seydel has it wrong. Here's what they say on their website. 


Circular/Melody King
The major scale can be played simply by alternating draws and blows (no note bending is required). On a Circular tuned harmonica up to 12 different chords can be played depending upon which channels are played at a time. Therefore it's not so easy to label this tuning correctly. The first note in channel one blow is the key displayed on the harp, though the major scale is playable 5 semitones (a fourth) higher than the key the harp is labelled in. In the 12-hole variant (Low Octave) the lower notes in 1-3 are tuned as holes 4-6 but one octave lower.

If the harp plays in the key of C, then C is first position. It doesn't matter what the notes is in the first hole.

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Your (e-mail) comment that Seydel labels their circular-tuned harmonics in the 12th position is quite interesting but would it be more clear instead to phrase that as to indicate that Seydel tunes their circular-tuned harmonicas for the 12th position of the label; whatever circular-tuned harmonicas that Seydel labels as "C" are tuned for the corresponding 12th position which has "F" at 2-draw]?

I figure that many users would remember the positions along the "Circle of Fifths" more easily than they remember the proper name of each mode.

I was not reading Harp-L at the time of the spiral-tuning debate; are there any negative issues pertaining to circular-tuning other than some slightly less overall range (which causes me to wonder whether the 12-hole circular-tuned harmonica was attempted).

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