RE: [Harp-L] TurboSlide harmonica query

I was the recipient of one of Dr. Antaki's prototype TurboSlide models
before production began in earnest. It's a fascinating concept and it works
really well. I suspect that if I dedicated the time to really learning the
instrument it would allow me to play songs and styles never before possible
on a short harp. I plan to order a TurboSlide SSX in the near future. I am
also VERY impressed with the TurboHarp BX model. Every harmonica in my gig
case is a TurboHarp of some sort ranging from Turbo 20's to AX S-20's. I
love them all!

Dennis M. Cooper

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  Turbo Harp is having a one day sale on 2 of their harp models - TurboSlide
regular and TurboSlide SSX ( which has Turbo Lid) and AX/S20.  The AX/S20 is
a Hohner Special 20 that has their Turbo Liner and Turbo Lid.  30 day
satisfaction guaranteed, no less.
  Years ago, i bought an AX/S20; I still have it, and always liked
everything about it, tho I DID tweak a bit to make the overdraws easier, as
well as replacing the 4 hole draw reed once.  The sale price is $75. 
  But somehow I'm unaware of the TurboSlide models.   Here's a link to the
model I'm considering, which costs $129:
id.html .
  Can anyone give a review, before the day is over?

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