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We'd love to have Jimmie Fadden. And Mickey Raphael; queries have been made in recent years re both players. Trouble is, they're usually busy touring with the Dirt Band and Willie Nelson respectively. Neither of which act can SPAH either afford nor contain.

The list of players who have been too busy during summer touring season to steer their road trip to SPAH is long and growing all the time. We feel very fortunate when some of the top professionals in the business can find time in their busy schedules to grace us with their presence.

But keep the suggestions coming. We can dream, and, every  now and then, we can make the dream come true.

Winslow Yerxa
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I'd still love to see Jimmie Fadden at a SPAH.  Any one with me on that?  I
think the board welcomes suggestions.  Never too early to start stoking the

Fred S

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