Re: [Harp-L] Help with Chromatic repair

Basically you end up with a Hering harmonica (plastic comb and reedplates) with Hohner covers, slide and mouthpiece. A good deal if that's what you're looking for.
by the way, the harmonica company Hering has only one "r" - it can make a difference when you do searches.

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Hi Mike,

I went looking for the Herring replacement but could not find it.  Could
you please provide a link, by chance?


On 1/16/14, 4:40 PM, "Mike Wilbur" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> EBay had...Herring plastic comb replacement for 270s new reeds,
>windsavers included.
>All you need is the side covers, screws and slide assembly from the
>Horner and you have a new chromatic.
>Hope this helps
>Mike Wilbur
>On Jan 16, 2014, at 4:21 PM, harp <harp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear Harp-L,
>> I have always played the diatonic harp, but have been curious about the
>>chromatic.  I recently purchased a couple of older Hohner Chromonicas ­
>>one is a 10-hole, and the other is a ³super² 12 hole.  Both have wood
>>combs, and both are in need of maintenance.  I regularly work on my
>>diatonics, but I have never had a chromatic before, so I am jumping
>>right into the deep end of the swimming pool and am going to do some
>>work on these to see if I can make them fully functional.  But I need
>>some help/parts.
>> I have already cleaned them up some, and I have opened up the gap on
>>some reeds that were choking and have ³ironed out² a reed that had been
>>bent.  100% better already, but I still have a long way to go.  Here are
>>the issues where I could use some advice:
>> -  Both harps have broken combs.  The Super has a vertical crack on the
>>10-hole that is between 1/16² and 1/8² wide.  This means that both the
>>upper and lower reeds of hole 10 play regardless of where the slide is
>>positioned.  The 10-hole Chromonica also has a vertical crack in the
>>comb, but it is not at all as bad, and it does not seem to leak enough
>>air between the upper and lower chambers to affect how it plays.  Does
>>anyone have any recommendations on repairing the comb?  I can think of
>>several ways to go about it, but I thought I would ask the group first.
>> -  Of course, the windsavers are shot.  Should I just buy the
>>windsavers from Hohner (currently out of stock ­ anyone have some they
>>would like to sell?)
>> -  Any suggestions on how to punch rivet holes in the windsavers short
>>of buying the $350 Hohner tool kit?
>> -  Does anyone have some of the slide buffers (the little pieces of
>>plastic tubing that cover the mouthpiece screws)?
>> Thank you very much,
>> Brad

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