[Harp-L] Cham-Ber Huang Legacy preserving it.

Cham-Ber was not just a performer but also an educator and an arranger.
I still have some of his 18 studies for chromatic harmonica but I don't think they
were ever published. They were based on Bona and showed great insight to
the use of b# and e#. He also had Music Minus one stuff but I don't think it's
available from the company. I know he did many arrangements of pieces also.
I think there is a duet for the Air in G. 

Cham-Ber was my first harmonica teacher through Music Minus one.
I would hate to see his work lost. I have what I think is his first recording
in Hi Fi before stereo. I'm sure it's out of print now.

I think it would be great if SPAH could Help preserve his legacy so it could be
available to future generations. Some type of archive would be great. I know there
may be some legal issues but I don't think they're insurmountable. Maybe the
Huang harmonica company could help SPAH.

Thanks for listening,


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