Re: [Harp-L] SPAH awards criteria

Winslow Yerxa wrote (quoting me):

<RH: The nomination "has to fit rather rigid and specific requirements"?  That's 
<news.  Where are those requirements published on the SPAH site?  The only rigid 
<requirement mentioned in Winslow's calls for nominations was that the nominee 
<not have been a previous recipient, and the nominator must be a current SPAH 

To which Winslow replied: 

<Richard, that is simply untrue.
<The criteria for each award is published every year in the awards packet that 
<every SPAH member receives. Here it is right now on the SPAH website, where it's 
<been for the last few months for this year's convention:
<I gave out this link in my posts calling for nominees:
<In the last post on the subject, also summarized the criteria for each 

Thanks Winslow.  I reviewed the docs you referenced in this message, and the criteria for award nominations are few but specific.

However, no matter how we characterize these criteria, it's still beside the point.  I have not, in any of my posts on this issue, questioned the criteria for selection of winners.  My question has always been: why are the names of nominees not published?  

Instead of us all burning lots of brain cycles on side issues, why not just answer the question?  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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