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Oh yeah. I've pretty much seen everything out there on Lester Butler. I
have a copy of the DVD with live footage of the last show they did, other
live vids, and some vid of he and the band working on songs together.

The one song I throw down to anyone interested in him, or debates his
talent, is "Devil Woman". It is a great example of what makes his style so
powerful: He plays with restraint. He employs a tone that is sharp,
defined, and a great example of a classic "crystal mic" sound. There is a
great vibe to that song and it is cultivated with real soul. I especially
love how they build the end of the song up with a total of (10) double
hits. Rick Rubin did a great job keeping the integrity of a live gig, even
retaining the guitar feedback in the solo on that song.
At a time where extremely fast playing is all too often mistaken for
"great", King King shows what a solid groove band and "tastefully" played
harp can do so effectively...convey "soul".

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> i hadn't either. i hate to admit it, but stumbled on the red devils clips
> just recently. love his sound, love the band.
> which ones did you find.
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> Hi guys, I was just wondering if I was the only member of this list who
> has never heard of Lester Butler? I am 59, so I don't know why I had never
> heard of him. I found a great performance of him and the Red Devils while I
> was looking for William Clarke videos.
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