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Interesting. I'm quite familiar w/ the tune, and though just four chords it switches keys back and forth. So Brian is playing cross harp in two different keys by switching harps. 
I've learned to play Not Fadeaway by going back and forth from cross to straight. Don't know why it never occurred to me to switch harps (which I do all the time these days) and stay in cross. 
Here is what some consider the best ever version of this song by the Grateful Dead, w/ Lee Oskar and Matthew Kelley on harp; John Cipolina adding another guitar, and an extra percussionist or two. And I was there that night so many years ago! (Didn't play harp or anything else back then, oh well.) It's long:
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I was watching this clip of the early Rolling Stones on The Mike Douglas
Show.  The third song they play is "Not Fade Away" and I thought you all
might be interested to see that Brian Jones is switching harps throughout.

http://youtu.be/W-ycN9EOi8o <https://webmail.sbccd.cc.ca.us/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://youtu.be/W-ycN9EOi8o> 

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