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While the claim of instant gratification may be hyperbole (Pro Harmonica Secrets Made Simple) there is probably a lot of truth in the DVD series. 

Over the years as an interested observer (I collected harmonica books before I ever took up playing halfway seriously) and a longtime (17 years) contributing editor for that old American Harmonica Newsmagazine, I listened to, watched and read lots (a hundred plus) guides on how to play the harmonica.

I found that though I had my favorites (which I would list except I might leave out a really important one) -- none of them covered the whole field. Like a research paper, you need about 10-20 sources to cover the topic. Each source may have one great idea that the others lack. 

I'm pretty old now -- but one thing I've always found: if I get one good idea out of a book  it was worth reading.

I've known Mike through SPAH for many years and enjoyed his performances on sax and harp on recordings and in concert. His talks are always enlightening. 

While this DVD probably will not provide me the blueprint to make a better harp on a 3D printer, I strongly suspect that it is jammed full of useful music and harmonica information that will prove useful to beginners and intermediate plays. The pros might even pick up a tip or too -- because most pros don't also play sax.

BTW: The "killer saxophone" reference is about another program Mike sells on the site.

My feeling has always been, the more instructional material available the better. And the more different instructors there are, the more likely some frustrated harp player will make a musical connection with one.

Keep on harpin,
Phil Lloyd 

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Well, it's not a harmonica learning site (I know you didn't claim it 
was), but a site to pitch his harmonica instructional DVD. Nothing wrong 
with that. I think Michael is great, I've been to see him when out in SF 
for work a few times, and talked to him a bit.

I do disagree with some of the claims on the site about learning your 
favorite songs "overnight" and going from amateur to pro "INSTANTLY". I 
think those sort of claims (well we all know...) are disingenuous and do 
the instrument a disservice and might cause some to question the 
credibility of the claims. We all know that none of those things will 
happen even remotely near that fast, although you can say they are 
exaggerations that only the most naive would believe. It sounds too much 
like one of those "Made for TV" product ads and we know how that stuff 
is (although I do have one of those green disappearing hoses and the 
thing actually works pretty good and as advertised!)

It does need one typo (Freudian slip or copy/paste error?) "On this DVD 
series: Pro Harmonica Secrets Made Simple, you will learn everything you 
need to know to play killer saxophone as fast as possible."

I hope some folks will review it here, it looks very polished and sounds 
very comprehensive based on the description!

On 6/28/2013 1:25 PM, Richard Hunter wrote:
> Just stumbled on Michael Peloquin's above-named site.  Looks great!  check it 
out for yourself:


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