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Thanks Christopher & Winslow. Great advise.


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> Denny, it sounds like you are trying to learn to do too much all at  once.  
> Here's a few pointers I've gleaned from attending seminars  conducted by 
> various masters of this craft:  It is important  to learn these procedures one 
> at a time... attain repeatable results  with one process before moving to 
> the next.  If you try  to tune, gap, emboss and arc all at the same time you 
> won't know how one  step is affecting the other, or even if you have any of 
> them right... it  will wind up being a train wreck.  Adjust the gaps before 
> embossing,  you don't want to try to emboss around a  misaligned reed.  To 
> practice embossing find a reed that  sounds a clear note but requires a lot 
> more air than you want it to,  it need not be in tune.  Emboss much more 
> gently than you think is  needed and then test, keep repeating until you have a 
> good  result.  Keep in mind that other factors can affect reed response,  
> embossing will for example not correct a leak caused by a warped plate or  
> comb, you might want to check for any such issues before you begin  working on 
> the reeds... don't over tighten the plates!  As Winslow  mentioned, tuning 
> should come last, if done properly it should  not affect the other steps.  
> I'd conquer the  above before moving on to things like arcing or reed  
> replacement.  
> Your 1847 has stainless reeds, the Delta Frost reeds are phosphor  bronze, 
> each will require different levels of force and time, and possibly  
> different tools, in order to accomplish the same results as  on brass.  
> Another good tuning kit and instruction book are offered by  Richard Sleigh.
> Get to a SPAH convention, you won't believe how much you can learn about  
> this topic by attending!
> Christopher Richards
> Harmonica
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> Subject: [Harp-L] Harmonica Tuning Sequence 
> I am going to attempt  customizing & tuning my own harmonicas (Seydel 1847, 
> Hohner Special 20,  & Bushman Delta Frost) for playing mostly Blues. I have 
> the Lee Oskar tool  kit, the Rupert Oysler DVD's, the Harmonica Einstein's 
> Tuning Table and the  Seydel Setup Pack. I am ready to start practicing on 
> an old Hohner. Is there a  particular order to follow for tuning, setting the 
> offset & curvature and  finally embossing? In other words, should I set the 
> offset and curvature first  and then tune and finally emboss? Any help or 
> advise would be  appreciated.

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