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Jut look up circle of fifths on Google. You'll find several images of the circle of fifths. 

How you use it: The key of the harp is first position. So on a C harp, C is first position. 

Want to find out what positions play what keys on a C harp? 

The position numbers go up as you go clockwise around the circle, starting at the key of the harp. For instance, the next place on the circle after C is G, and G on a C harp is 2nd position. Next is D, and that's 3rd position on a C harp. And so on.

What if you want to play a tune that's in A but want to play it in, say, third position but don't know what harp to use? Then you start with the key of the song, label that with the position number, and go counter-clockwise around the circle until you get to 1, which tells you the key of the harp.

So if you're playing a tune in A and call that third, the next stops going counter clockwise are D (2) and then G (1). So to play a song in A in third position, you'd use a G harp.

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I had a chart, I think it was a circle of fifths chart which demonstrated, illuminated, somehow, which position used which root note on the 10-hole diatonic harp, richter tuned. I'm too lazy to track it down in this mess (my room), so I'm a' askin'. 

Anyone have a chart they can post, or a link to explaining the different positions? I end up playing them anyway, but couldn't be counted on to describe which position I'm using, past 1st and 2nd. 

Thanks in advance. I love this group. If it weren't for the "l", I'd still be stuck at some skill level that lacks tonal quality and consistency, instead of the level I'm at, where I can actually fit in with the band, and do it well. 

Must have been all the threads about "air-leakage" and stuff,,lol.

I'm not "recording capable" yet in the equipment area, so I haven't anything to post, of my own, but mebbe someday. 

Robert,,, harp in hand, naked to the world (metaphorically speaking),, and not ashamed,,

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