[Harp-L] Charts for diatonic key/position

I had a chart, I think it was a circle of fifths chart which demonstrated, illuminated, somehow, which position used which root note on the 10-hole diatonic harp, richter tuned. I'm too lazy to track it down in this mess (my room), so I'm a' askin'. 

Anyone have a chart they can post, or a link to explaining the different positions? I end up playing them anyway, but couldn't be counted on to describe which position I'm using, past 1st and 2nd. 

Thanks in advance. I love this group. If it weren't for the "l", I'd still be stuck at some skill level that lacks tonal quality and consistency, instead of the level I'm at, where I can actually fit in with the band, and do it well. 

Must have been all the threads about "air-leakage" and stuff,,lol.

I'm not "recording capable" yet in the equipment area, so I haven't anything to post, of my own, but mebbe someday. 

Robert,,, harp in hand, naked to the world (metaphorically speaking),, and not ashamed,,

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