Re: [Harp-L] what position/tuning to play this song

can I get maj6/min6 in 3rd position without special tuning?  E.G. like you
can get maj/minor 3rd in 2nd position?

(I'm not as proficient in 3rd as I am 2nd maj/minor...and I could certainly
figure this out on my own with a position chart compared to the scale...but
I'm at work and many of you know off the top of your head)

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:43 PM, The Iceman <icemanle@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> re: female vocal improv at that point in the song...
>  It is minor (minor 3rd). However, the ethnicity you are hearing is based
> on the fact that she actually mixes Aolian Mode and Dorian Mode during this
> improv...
>  In other words, she will sing a Major 6 during her first descending
> melodic idea while choosing a minor 6 during her ascending melodic line.
>  Also, the ethnicity is apparent by the type of ornamentation she uses to
> color her melodic line
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> hoping to play the female vocal improv part that starting at about 1:40.
> I hear some very eastern sounding notes in there...not sure what mode or
> scale that is.  I could wing it in 2nd pos minor or 3rd...but I'd like to
> really nail some of those ethnic notes in there.  Any advice on position or
> tuning for that?

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