Re: [Harp-L] what position/tuning to play this song

re: female vocal improv at that point in the song...

It is minor (minor 3rd). However, the ethnicity you are hearing is based on the fact that she actually mixes Aolian Mode and Dorian Mode during this improv...

In other words, she will sing a Major 6 during her first descending melodic idea while choosing a minor 6 during her ascending melodic line.

Also, the ethnicity is apparent by the type of ornamentation she uses to color her melodic line

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hoping to play the female vocal improv part that starting at about 1:40.

I hear some very eastern sounding notes in there...not sure what mode or
scale that is.  I could wing it in 2nd pos minor or 3rd...but I'd like to
really nail some of those ethnic notes in there.  Any advice on position or
tuning for that?


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