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"brian.irving" wrote:
<Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced set up to record on to a home pc,
<playing along to backing tracks?  I'm working with the Jimi Lee tracks and
<would like to hear what my efforts at different grooves sound like.  I have
<audacity but I'm not sure how to record on top of a backing track.

First, did you read the user's manual for Audacity?  If not, you should.  Get it here:

You need:
- a computer audio interface so you can get your real-world sounds into the computer.  A simple stereo-in-stereo-out USB interface sells for about $125-150. (If you own a Digitech RP155/255/355/etc., you already own a very nice USB interface.)   Microphones that connect to the computer via USB and include a headphone output sell for around $100.  either will work, but I'd spend for the stereo interface.  Get something that records at 24-bit 44.1.kHz or 48 kHz.    

- a microphone (if you didn't opt for the USB mic).
- a pair of headphones so you can monitor while you play.

The procedure for recording on top of another track in audacity is:
- set up your audio interface, i.e. install the drivers on your computer, following manufacturer instructions.
- start Audacity and use Audacity's menus to designate the audio interface as the input/output device. 
- import the track you want to use for backing into Audacity.  
- set up another (blank) track in audacity for your harmonica part.
- Arm the new track for recording and record your part.

Regarding the art of recording, Computer Music magazine is a very useful resource for a novice recording engineer.  It's published in the UK, so for you a subscription will be relatively inexpensive.  I advise you at least to get their latest guide to home recording, and also to buy a copy of their monthly magazine, which will arm you with a pile of software that you can use to enhance your recordings.  Reading Computer Music will get you a lot farther, a lot faster, than trial and error (or asking simple questions with potentially complicated answers on this list) will get you.  You can find it at

Good luck, Richard Hunter

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