RE: [Harp-L] Harrison Patent application number: 20090308223


My understanding is that (1) it was much easier to gain access to the insides, due to the 
patented cover design; (2) the cover design was tighter and more ergonomic than traditional
covers; (3) the reeds were milled and tuned longitudinally, giving longer playing life; (4)
reeds were fastened with screws not rivets, making it easier to change out reeds; and (5)
it was semi-customized by expert craftsmen by hand prior to delivery.

The question (of course): was all of that worth $180 per harp? I didn't think so; others
obviously disagreed. Unfortunately, $180 for a "future" (if not futuristic) harp that
didn't materialize left a lot of wannabe buyers (inadvertent investors) high and dry, and
Brad totally out of business and (apparently) out of the harmonica world altogether.

Again, I am NOT implying that Brad had any "bad" intentions at any time during the process.
I'm fairly certain (based on my own "failing business" experience) that a cascading
snowball of seemingly minor problems (perhaps delivery and quality issues with suppliers,
inadequate initial capitalization, inadequate cash reserves, etc.) escalated into the
avalanche that eventually buried the company.

Crazy Bob 		 	   		  

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