Re: [Harp-L] Harp-L] Toots

Hi Martin -

Of course it's not _all_ in the player (although I would argue that's a lot of it) but the mic is only one part of the chain, which at NY's Columbia Studios in 1978 probably included some wonderful warm-sounding preamps and a very acoustically well-tuned room (I'm guessing, but that would only come into play if Toots isn't cupping around the mic like he almost always does).

In this case, a lot of what's not attributable to the player can be attributed to the recording engineer, Frank Laico, who's apparently had quite a distinguished career (worth googling if you're interested).

As for the mic, it's very plausible to me that Toots is using his standard SM58 configuration. There's a lot of reverb applied, and the harmonica sits beautifully in the mix (which I would attribute 100% to Mr. Laico), and a great mix it is.

Just my 2 cents...

- Slim.

On Dec 4, 2013, at 9:15 AM, martin oldsberg wrote:

> This is really interesting, and I wish that whoever it was that was pulling the switches there and then would tell us how.   
>   Toot´s sound on that record is just as great as the record itself and one that I´d seriously want for my diatonic, but can´t seem to find. Alas.
>   Any insights on this would be warmy appreciated.
> And don´t give me that "It´s all in the player" shit -- we know it ain´t; that´s something you can say to beginners.

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