[Harp-L] Harp-L] Toots

This is really interesting, and I wish that whoever it was that was pulling the switches there and then would tell us how.   

  Toot´s sound on that record is just as great as the record itself and one that I´d seriously want for my diatonic, but can´t seem to find. Alas.

  Any insights on this would be warmy appreciated.

And don´t give me that "It´s all in the player" shit -- we know it ain´t; that´s something you can say to beginners.


PS Incidentally Brendan appears to have the same formatting problems with his posts as I ...

>I think Toot$B!G(Bs best ever recording was his album with Bill Evans,
<$B!H(BAffinity$B!I(B. His playing and the harmonica sound on that album are just
<amazing. The chromatic sounds as wide as a bus, and the tone is just
<beautiful. Whoever the engineer was on that record did an incredible job.

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