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I believe that I have seen a photo of Toots playing on Greg Heumann's
Ultimate 58.  This makes a lot of sense since he is on record saying that
he prefers to use the Shure SM58.

I have no connection to Greg  Heumann, except that I personally
prefer the Ultimate 58 and my daughter prefers the Ultimate 57  See Greg's
products here....

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, Richard Hunter wrote:

> fmajor7 wrote:
> <It is true that Toots used to use an SM58 in the past, but for several
> years now he had been using Audix Fireball-V.
> This is my preferred mic for most gigs, and it's nice to know that Toots
> is now using it too.
> The original question was about what Toots was using on the "affinity"
> sessions with Bill Evans, which as I recall took place in 1979, at which
> time the Fireball wasn't available.  Had it been, I have no doubt that he
> would have used it.  The Fireball is an absolutely terrific mic for
> recording harmonica; it produces beautiful tones that compare well to
> recordings made with large diaphragm condenser (LDC) mics, it costs about a
> quarter of the price of a mid-level LDC, and you can great tones using it
> cupped, which makes a big difference when you're recording in an untreated
> room.
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