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<It is true that Toots used to use an SM58 in the past, but for several years now he had been using Audix Fireball-V. 

This is my preferred mic for most gigs, and it's nice to know that Toots is now using it too.

The original question was about what Toots was using on the "affinity" sessions with Bill Evans, which as I recall took place in 1979, at which time the Fireball wasn't available.  Had it been, I have no doubt that he would have used it.  The Fireball is an absolutely terrific mic for recording harmonica; it produces beautiful tones that compare well to recordings made with large diaphragm condenser (LDC) mics, it costs about a quarter of the price of a mid-level LDC, and you can great tones using it cupped, which makes a big difference when you're recording in an untreated room.    

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