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Hi Slim,
Thanks for this prompt response.
I have to admit that I know as much about Jazz as a dog knows about a
wireless, but the kinds of Jazz that turn me on would include: Traditional
New Orleans, Meade Lux Lewis and any of the trad 'Boogie Woogie piano
players, as well as Stephan Grapelli and the Hot Club de France. I find
so-called "Progressive Jazz" a bit of a turn off - like a lot of modern
so-called "art music". I guess I am a bit of a square who still likes Haydn,
Mozart and Beethoven. When Rick Epping, Mick Kinsella and Brendan Power cut
loose with bluesy takes on Irish Trad I find myself in "Harp Heaven"

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Hi Aongus -

Toots has covered a lot of ground over the years and I would argue that
there's no single 'definitive' CD of his work. And since beauty is in the
eye of the beholder, perhaps you could mention some jazz artists or even a
particular style of jazz that you do like, and that might lead to some
specific suggestions from the Toots catalog. If nothing else, tell us which
CD you got that was such a disappointment. Some of us have never heard a
Toots CD that we didn't like ;-).

- Slim.

On Dec 2, 2013, at 5:48 AM, Aongus MacCana wrote:

> On a business trip to Germany about twenty years ago I came across a 
> bunch of German medics who were serious Jazz enthusiasts and fans of 
> Toots. I was amazed to discover they had never heard of Larry Adler.
> On my return to Ireland I made it my business to get a CD of Toots to 
> see what all the talk was about. It was a heck of a disappointment. It 
> did nothing for me.
> However in view of the fact that I was not wildly enthusiastic about 
> Howard Levy either the first time I heard him I think I may have just 
> bought a 'bum' recording.
> Anyone care to recommend the "must have - definitive" CD of this Jazz
> Beannachtai
> Aongus Mac Cana

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