Re: [Harp-L] Jazzy, mid-level complicated tunes for a jam?

I'd love to see the other replies.. (I forgot to copy the harp-l list, too.. so resending.)
I don't know about complicated, but Doxy, by Sonny Rollins lays nicely on a
diatonic in second position. I play it in Bb on an Eb harp.

Hear Sonny play it with Miles here:

"Autumn Leaves" (one sharp, E minor) can be played in third position on a
Solist Pro 12 in D without overblows, or on a G harp with one overblow on
hole 4.

You've got me going now.

"How High The Moon" (one sharp, G major) work on the Bb harp, no overblows.

Try "Donât Get Around Much Anymore" in 12th position (first flat). Use a G
harp to play in C.

A couple of minor blues-oriented tunes come to mind.

"Comin' Home Baby" (by Earl Hagan) is in G minor and can be played on an F
harp (3rd pos) or a C harp (cross).

"Birk's Works" is a minor blues in F minor.. lays beautifully on a Bb harp.

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