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Thanks for the added info. Joe.

On 18 April 2013 12:10, Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Apr 17, 2013, at 8:10 PM, Rick Dempster wrote:
> > Just noticed this on Youtube. Don live at SPAH. It was put up only a week
> > ago by the cat that signs himself  "48 Chord" (hey thanx for the thumbs
> up
> > on my youtube vid too, Mr.48) He (she? Mrs.48? Miss 48?) appears not to
> > know what year it was taken in.
> 48 chord is a Mr. And I would say that the images are from at least
> 1980..or earlier. That was before I was going to spah (which was 91).
> > Maybe someone out there? Smokey Joe?
> > Is there any more of this stuff? I want more!
> There were once 2 tapes available from F.R. Farrell, and I have those.
> Plus there was another one that wasn't released. I have that one
> and it has the words printed in red... 'Do not copy'. It is (supposedly)
> the master tape from Don's last recordings. The day he had his heart attack.
> > For my money, Don's diatonic playing is just not well enough known.
> I feel the same. I do most of the tunes he does but where he uses first
> position, I use second. I WISH I could play like him. And I have played
> diatonic the
> way I do since about 1959, and didn't meet Don until 1991 at the Ohio
> Buckeye fest.
> > The
> > only other example of him on the net is the Youtube post of the whole
> album
> > with Mo Vint, all in one track, and which opens with 'Peg of my Heart',
> > which I think a lot of contemporary players will just switch off at first
> > hearing, 'cos it's not 'hot' like so much of his other stuff, and which
> you
> > have to sit through everything else yo get to.
> Right, I thought that was a mistake on his part. But maybe it was Vint who
> thought to do it that way. Hard to say.
> > Of course you can write to
> > Mo Vint and order the CD, but it ain't on, and it should be!
> > Anyway, here it is (thanks 48!)
> > Don lives!
> Don, George Miklas, I, (and others at various times) have sat in diners
> late at night after spah shows, in various cities, drank a lot of coffee,
> ate glazed donuts, and bs'd into the wee hours. He would go through a half
> jar of sugar and counting the half dozen glazed donuts, he 'should' have
> been a diabetic....but he wasn't. But was an otherwise sweet guy.
> >
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