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On Apr 17, 2013, at 8:10 PM, Rick Dempster wrote:

> Just noticed this on Youtube. Don live at SPAH. It was put up only a week
> ago by the cat that signs himself  "48 Chord" (hey thanx for the thumbs up
> on my youtube vid too, Mr.48) He (she? Mrs.48? Miss 48?) appears not to
> know what year it was taken in.

48 chord is a Mr. And I would say that the images are from at least 1980..or earlier. That was before I was going to spah (which was 91). 

> Maybe someone out there? Smokey Joe?
> Is there any more of this stuff? I want more!

There were once 2 tapes available from F.R. Farrell, and I have those. Plus there was another one that wasn't released. I have that one
and it has the words printed in red... 'Do not copy'. It is (supposedly) the master tape from Don's last recordings. The day he had his heart attack. 

> For my money, Don's diatonic playing is just not well enough known.

I feel the same. I do most of the tunes he does but where he uses first position, I use second. I WISH I could play like him. And I have played diatonic the
way I do since about 1959, and didn't meet Don until 1991 at the Ohio Buckeye fest. 

> The
> only other example of him on the net is the Youtube post of the whole album
> with Mo Vint, all in one track, and which opens with 'Peg of my Heart',
> which I think a lot of contemporary players will just switch off at first
> hearing, 'cos it's not 'hot' like so much of his other stuff, and which you
> have to sit through everything else yo get to.

Right, I thought that was a mistake on his part. But maybe it was Vint who thought to do it that way. Hard to say. 

> Of course you can write to
> Mo Vint and order the CD, but it ain't on, and it should be!
> Anyway, here it is (thanks 48!)
> Don lives!

Don, George Miklas, I, (and others at various times) have sat in diners late at night after spah shows, in various cities, drank a lot of coffee, ate glazed donuts, and bs'd into the wee hours. He would go through a half jar of sugar and counting the half dozen glazed donuts, he 'should' have been a diabetic....but he wasn't. But was an otherwise sweet guy.  
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