Re: [Harp-L] Technique u blocking

I need to figure out what I actually do. Perhaps someone in this discussion can help me. I block using the center of my tongue to allow the passage of air. I do NOT curl my tongue in any way. The center of my tongue has a crease in it (I think everybody's does.)

So what is it that I am doing? I call it center tongue blocking because I do not make a "U" with my tongue and so don't think of it as U blocking. What do you think.

Being quintessentially lazy, I do not use side tongue blocking or pursing at all, ever, and I play only chromatical diatonical harmonica (both OB and valves.)

BTW, I have noticed another conversation about articulation with U blocking. As I say, I don't consider what I do to be U-blocking, but I have no problem with articulation using it. I am a trombone player, so I have practiced rapid articulation with fore-tongue, mid-tongue and back tongue (makes a big difference in sound - the degree of articulation.) I am as fast or faster on the harmonica as the trombone. You just have to get used to it.

BTW, this is not by any means to disparage anyone else. Just what I do. Technique can be reasonably fast too. I can play Donna Lee error free at 180.

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