Re: [Harp-L] SPAH St Louis 2013 hotel

On 4/4/13 1:44 PM, Winslow Yerxa wrote:
(remember what a drag that was in Sacramento?

About the far flung spaces, Sacramento was by far my most favourite SPAH, I enjoyed walking back and forth. The only other harmonica event I enjoyed as much was the World Harmonica Summit in Minneapolis and it was even more far flung.

What I don't like about SPAH in general and why I haven't chosen to attend the event recently is being trapped in a convention hotel with corporate food in an environment I'm uncomfortable in.

I also liked the previous St Louis site but what made the event for me was the day I grabbed an airport shuttle and hopped onto the monorail and went to the arch, the river and Illinois. I understand that I may well be in a minority on this one and I in no way mean to criticise the hotel choice for this year's event. For me walkable alternatives to a corporate environment really make my convention a lot happier. fjm

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