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The St. Louis Renaissance Hotel building is insulated from airplane noise. I stayed overnight there during our November 2011 site visit, and never heard an airplane while in the building. (Compare that to our Minneapolis hotel,  which was directly under a very noisy flight path, with planes audibly taking off and landing every few minutes.)

The Renaissance also has the facilities we need for a successful SPAH convention. We re-visited the previous hotel and they tried hard to sell us, but they simply don't have the right space without distributing activities into far-flung, disconnected spaces (remember what a drag that was in Sacramento?) and even putting up tents outdoors, and it does not flow and connect well. Yes, it has that artificial lake and side lawn and restaurant alley next door - all very nice indeed. 

But facilities come first, and the Renaissance is very strong on facilities. It would be great if we could have suitable facilities and beautiful, convenient surroundings - and affordable room rates. Maybe one of these years . . .

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I was checking out the hotel for SPAH 2013 on Google Maps.  Apparently it
is not the same hotel as the last St Louis SPAH.   This time its at the
Renaissance Airport hotel.   It appears to be a short walk from the
airport.  I wonder if the airplane noise will be an issue? I rather enjoyed
the last hotel which had a river view, a Mark Twain ambience, and was
adjacent to a shopping mall with some nice restaraunts.  The 2013 hotel is
also a short walk to Dennys, Church's Chicken, a Steak house and a
convenience mart. And, no kidding, it is directly across the street from
the Hustler Hollywood strip club.

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