[Harp-L] Subject: Book/CD teaching for BlueGrass

There's been quite a bit of talk here recently about Bluegrass playing on  
harp. I came across this book/cd combo.
This is the kind of teaching material I buy for myself although I haven't  
yet gotten one for BlueGrass since I don't play diatonic and amn't a fast  
enough player. I'm also stuck at home a lot so these kinds of teaching  
materials work for me. It IS specifically for guitar, but I already buy  most of 
mine for guitar, piano, saxophone, etc. - so I can play along WITH  the 
instrument as well as use them as backing tracks (duets, technically) for my  
own chromatic play.
Since you're getting not only a Song Book but a CD with each tune at normal 
 speed AND slowed down - it's a fairly easy way to upload into your 
computer,  download to I-Tunes and then to your Ipod if you have one for daily 
practice, or  just use in a CD player if you don't have an Ipod. Some of the 
CD's also work  directly with Macs and PC's (such as  the Lennon/McCartney one 
below). There's a nice selection from this  Seller although I haven't yet 
bought from them. The cost is similar to that of a  regular music CD. 
  At least it might give some of those new but interested a background  in 
having a few solid BG songs in preparation for sitting in at BlueGrass jams  
and a feel for how to play along with the guitar?
Big bonus for anyone who plays harp in a rack with guitar.
I've no idea if the tabs mentioned here work for harp though. (You can ask  
the Seller). My interest in the books is mainly for lyrics and I can  read 
the music somewhat (for piano).
The following are what would be MY interest (same seller - Powerhouse  
Musical Supply Co.:

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