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I only listened to BSW When I Die 425+/-  times and only now do I ask.
So in what key is the CD version? And the harp is playing which
position? I can't believe how many tunes have great harp parts that
just went in one head and out the other. LOL.

That compilation video was great!

On Mar 25, 3:07 am, EGS1...@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Smozeppi:
> Your post sparked this:
> And when I die
> And when I'm gone..
> there'll be one child born
> in this world to carry on, to carry on
> written of course by Laura Nyro.
> then I HAD to find a good clip of the band singing it and stumbled on
>  an original live performance from the '60's (Live in Osaka, Japan) WITH
> harmonica (Steve Katz).
>  Note that he plays right along WITH David Clayton Thomas ... and even
> later in the song the horns are right there with his voice? No  namby-pamby
> catering to the vocalist as if harp or horn should be regulated to
> 'background' or 'filler'.
>  I definitely dig this approach - and it's quite  likely where I
> subconsciously got my own ideas of not particularly caring  if it's all going on at
> once since I listened to this band a LOT back  then.
> _
> (
> I was lucky enough (courtesy of Rob P) to get to see the newer incarnation
> of BS&T here on Long Island not so long ago with Rob singing lead and both
> he and Steve Katz trading off on harmonica. What an incredible night! The
> horns  were just as front and center and dynamite. I believe I counted 10
> guys  all-told on stage? Keyboard, drums, guitars, harp/vocalist and all kinds
> of  horns.
> Being a fan of DCT himself from the very early days: THIS video - though
> some of the same one above is incorporated, is a compilation (including
> footage  of Woodstock) well worth sitting through for an  extra special 'moment'
> from around 3:59 - through 5:50 - (quite worth  the price of admission)<G>
> _
> (
> The band went through various incarnations after DCT's departure,  but Rob
> did a great job fronting them for the years he did. Lots of good  memories
> Elizabeth
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> Well you CAN't. Like Guy Lombardo took New Years eve., when I die, I'm
> taking the convention with me. So enjoy it while you can.  :)
> jo-zepp

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