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Your post sparked this:
And when I die
And when I'm gone..
there'll be one child born 
in this world to carry on, to carry on
written of course by Laura Nyro. then I HAD to find a good clip of the band singing it and stumbled on 
 an original live performance from the '60's (Live in Osaka, Japan) WITH  
harmonica (Steve Katz). 
 Note that he plays right along WITH David Clayton Thomas ... and even  
later in the song the horns are right there with his voice? No  namby-pamby 
catering to the vocalist as if harp or horn should be regulated to  
'background' or 'filler'.
 I definitely dig this approach - and it's quite  likely where I 
subconsciously got my own ideas of not particularly caring  if it's all going on at 
once since I listened to this band a LOT back  then.
I was lucky enough (courtesy of Rob P) to get to see the newer incarnation  
of BS&T here on Long Island not so long ago with Rob singing lead and both  
he and Steve Katz trading off on harmonica. What an incredible night! The 
horns  were just as front and center and dynamite. I believe I counted 10 
guys  all-told on stage? Keyboard, drums, guitars, harp/vocalist and all kinds 
of  horns. 
Being a fan of DCT himself from the very early days: THIS video - though  
some of the same one above is incorporated, is a compilation (including 
footage  of Woodstock) well worth sitting through for an  extra special 'moment' 
from around 3:59 - through 5:50 - (quite worth  the price of admission)<G>
The band went through various incarnations after DCT's departure,  but Rob 
did a great job fronting them for the years he did. Lots of good  memories
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Well you CAN't. Like Guy Lombardo took New Years eve., when I die, I'm  
taking the convention with me. So enjoy it while you can.  :)

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