Re: [Harp-L] Subject: SPAH - Winslow Yerxa

EGS rants:

<<However, this attempt to 
completely  change SPAH into what they think of as 'their' vision sounds so 
anti-SPAH it's a  crime - at least from my perspective as one who LOVES my 
SPAH as it is and how  it keeps growing within its own unique footprint. Don't 
even begin to think of  'fixing' what ain't broke, guys!>>

This is exactly what Tate did when he took a very successful concept that was evolving nicely (including membership growth to well over 1000) when he took over SPAH in 2000 and completely remade it into his own political vision which has been handed down to the current administration without a lot of change. So, perhaps the "crime" began with that administration, and after 12 years it is time to swing that pendulum back away from political based leadership and more towards entrepreneur based excitement.

Remember, you have a very limited view of this organization and convention and never experienced the previous concept. Please don't be so myopic and close minded in your outlook as you will miss out on a lot in life.

Always remember that what I post is my opinion and what EGS posts is her opinion. No sense in getting into p*ssing matches regarding differences of opinion. There has been too much bandwidth on the "L" devoted to this toxic exercise in futility already.


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