[Harp-L] First time

This is more about the harp that music in general. I remember quite
specifically when I was bitten by the harmonica bug.  It was May 30th,
1993 at the Chicago Blues Festival.  I saw many acts, but it was Cephas
and Wiggins at the Crossroads stage that blew my mind.  I had never really
heard much of the piedmont style blues, and it just captivated me.  Cephas
on the steel guitar & Phil on harp - just the two of them and they created
a sound that haunts me still.  I mangled harps for 3 years after that
until I met Joe Filisko and took his masterclass at the old town school of
folk music and he informed me that I could also place my tongue on the
harp.  I still mangle harps, just a lot less frequently now.


Drew MacFadyen

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