Re: [Harp-L] Bob Cohen for SPAH President and Warren Bachman for Vice President

If you do the same old thing the same old way, you will get the exact same results.

So it goes with the status quo running SPAH.

A SPAH membership (of approx 800) stagnating for the last 10 years??  No increase???  in 10 years?????   This speaks volumes about the status quo.

I'm for a CHANGE.

I've personally experienced the excitement of an entrepreneur based SPAH philosophy and have seen the stagnation of a political based philosophy in running this organization.

Bob and Warren will bring back the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Anyone else feel it is time for a CHANGE (for the better)?

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In the 2012 election SPAH members will have a choice in leadership instead of 
being asked to accept the hand chosen successor of the current management clique 
(who invariably is chosen to maintain the status quo).

Members now have an opportunity to choose SPAHâs future direction instead of the 
management clique. The convention is what captured the imagination of both 
Warren and me. But as we became involved in the governance and operation, we 
came to believe that the organization could do (and should do) better than an an 
annual convention for a few hundred harmonica players and an 800ish membership 
with a venerable name but a limited impact on the harmonica community. We 
believe there is much work to be done to make SPAH a financially sustainable and 
relevant organization.

We intend to pursue our vision by:

â Creating and implementing a robust marketing program designed to increase and 
diversify our membership.
â Adding tangible benefits to our membership.
â More actively developing useful content for the web site.
â Forming stronger partnerships with manufacturers, vendors, and other 
â Implementing a Capital Drive Program.
â Increasing attendance at the convention.
â Decreasing our reliance on volunteers to perform vital tasks.
â Opening the books.

Bob Cohen & Warren Bachman

Vote for Bob Cohen and Warren Bachman for SPAH President/Vice President
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