Re: [Harp-L] The Nelstone's Hawaiians & vintage harmonica

Nothing surprising here. These guys are no different to a zillion other acts that added an Hawaiian guitar to cash in on the Hawaiian craze that swept the world from the 'teens
to the end of the thirties. I'd say the steel player probably did a course through the Walter Kolomoku school, like so many others in the US. harp in trad. or even hapa haole Hawaiian, though there probably is an exception, which, as such, will only go to prove the rule.
I play Hawaiian stuff on steel, and I'm a harp player. Harp just doesn't fit the aesthetic.

>>> "Mox Gowland" <mox.g@xxxxxxxxx> 15/03/2012 0:15 >>>
I' ve only recently become a fan of traditional Hawaiian music, mainly vocal.
Harmonica is no-ware to be seen !
I have no idea if the The Nelstone's Hawaiians ever went to Hawaii
this is what suprised me the most.
Other recordings of them (some with harmonica) can beheard here ; 
(Strictly for educationl use)

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