[Harp-L] The Nelstone's Hawaiians & vintage harmonica

The Nelstone's Hawaiians 
After Hawaii as part of the 1898 Joint Resolution had been made the 43rd state , tourism and media had quickly figured how to make profit out of this newly accuired "modern man's paradise".
Later during the early 20's there was a real boom music-wise, especially in terms of hula-rhythms as well as steel and slide guitars.

Surely one of the more original bands of that episode were the Alabama based Nelstone's Hawaiians. The name merged from the two founding members' first names: Hubert Nelson and James D. Touchstone.

What makes this so special is the fusion of classic American folk music and Hawaiian influences. The harmonica is being played in a very vivid and lively manner, employing lots of blowbends and trills as for instance Gwen Foster did too. Rhythmical elements being thrown in via tongue slaps do play an important role as well. The comical part right at the very beginning of "Mobile County Blues" makes it easy to imagine what the groups' show back then might have been like and therefore offers a very unique look back through time...

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