Re: [Harp-L] Toots preference for Eb & Bb

           But I think it's the possibility of a more legato style of playing that the flat keys on the chrom. afford. I bumble through (mostly) pre. WWII show tunes, and anything south of G (or D at a pinch)
leaves me spluttering for air. Then again, Db and F# are probably easier keys on the chrom. than on most brass or reed instruments. 
           Anyhow, if I have to play in B, E, or A, I'm going to be reaching for a B or C# instrument.

>>> Steve Baker <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 14/03/2012 20:40 >>>
I assume Toots likes those keys because he's a jazz musician who was massively influenced by (and worked with) sax players. Many jazz tunes are written in those keys as they lay out well on the sax.

Steve Baker 

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